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T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Here’s some news that is good for those lacking home internet service because of pricing or availability. Although it is not available in all areas, where it is available, the pricing is pretty good. Here is a bit of the news.

“T-Mobile will take subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity runs out, and then will add subscribers as it adds capacity, [T-Mobile Executive VP Dow] Draper said,” according to PCMag In its FAQ, T-Mobile said, “We are working aggressively to expand T-Mobile Home Internet Service to more and more people, but don’t have specific dates by location currently.” 

If this service is available where you live, it’s definitely worth exploring. Also, the presence of a new competitor gives you a bargaining chip in trying to negotiate a lower rate from your current internet provider.

WordPress Update 5.7 Esperanza

We just had the first major update in 2021 for WordPress to version 5.7 I visited the WordPress website and captured some of the highlights for you. Take a look and listen.