Apple macOS Monterey FAQ’s

Photographer: Wesson Wang | Source: UnsplashPhotographer: Alexander Shatov | Source: Unsplash

What’s next for Apple?

It looks like macOS Monterey , which was recently announced at WWDC , is more of a refinement this year, bringing many useful features that almost makes it seem that it’s preparing for the rumored prosumer Macs, such as the MacBook Pro and iMac Pro lines, which could come with an updated M1X/M2 chip.

What are the new features of Apple Maps?

Maps – You can control the 3D globe and explore certain cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London with features for landmarks, roads and more.

What is the new audio feature?

Spatial Audio – According to Apple’s press release, if you have the AirPods Pro or AirPods Max, you can use the new audio feature on M1 Macs only.

What are some of the benefits?

There’s already a few exclusive features that may tempt you to upgrade to an M1 Mac earlier than you were planning to, especially where FaceTime and Spatial Audio is concerned: Portrait Mode on FaceTime – During a call, the Neural Engine in the M1 chip will blur out the background, similar to the many Zoom and Google Meet calls we’ve all experienced this past year.

Full Preview:macOS Monterey Preview – New Features – Apple

Amazon Sidewalk

Introduction to Amazon Sidewalk

On June 8th, Amazon activated a network sharing feature for most of the devices it sells.

Amazon Sidewalk, according to Amazon, is a shared network that helps devices like Amazon Echo devices, Ring Security Cams, outdoor lights, motion sensors, and Tile trackers work better at home and beyond the front door. When enabled, Sidewalk can unlock unique benefits for your device, support other Sidewalk devices in your community, and even locate pets or lost items.

Not everyone may want to have the service enabled and or trust the feature. So, if you want to opt-out from the service you have to do so from the Alexa app on a mobile device. It is not in the settings of your online account. If you don't have the mobile app installed, then install it on one of your mobile devices and do the following.

  • Open the Alexa app
  • Open “More” and select “Settings”
  • Select “Account Settings”
  • Select “Amazon Sidewalk”
  • Disable “Amazon Sidewalk” by clicking the toggle

If you don't see the Sidewalk option it may not be compatible with certain devices.


T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Here’s some news that is good for those lacking home internet service because of pricing or availability. Although it is not available in all areas, where it is available, the pricing is pretty good. Here is a bit of the news.

“T-Mobile will take subscribers on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity runs out, and then will add subscribers as it adds capacity, [T-Mobile Executive VP Dow] Draper said,” according to PCMag In its FAQ, T-Mobile said, “We are working aggressively to expand T-Mobile Home Internet Service to more and more people, but don’t have specific dates by location currently.” 

If this service is available where you live, it’s definitely worth exploring. Also, the presence of a new competitor gives you a bargaining chip in trying to negotiate a lower rate from your current internet provider.

WordPress Update 5.7 Esperanza

We just had the first major update in 2021 for WordPress to version 5.7 I visited the WordPress website and captured some of the highlights for you. Take a look and listen.