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Windows Resource Monitor Tip

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So, your Windows computer is running slow lately, and you are looking for a way to see what may be causing the slowdown. Here’s one way you can check. You can open the resource monitor on your Windows computer and take a look. If you want to use the short ct key to open the resource monitor, then press the Windows key plus the letter R. When the search box opens, type resmon.

Windows Resource Monitor is a tool that displays information about the current status of the computer’s resources. It provides information about the use of CPU, memory, disk space, and network resources by a process or program. It can show how much of each type of resource is being used, and it can also provide details about specific processes that are using those resources. 

The Resource Monitor has two main views: the System View, which displays the resource usage for all processes on the system, and the Processes View, which displays detailed information about individual processes.

The resource monitor can be helpful for troubleshooting problems or for figuring out which applications are using the most resources. It can also show whether you need to free up more space on your hard disk or upgrade your computer’s memory.

If your windows computer is running slow, take a look at the resource monitor. It is one of several built-in tools that can help diagnose and repair slow running computers.

The shortcut key to open the resource monitor is Windows key plus R and then type resmon in the search field.

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