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Your AI-Powered Assistant cover

Your AI-Powered Assistant

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Google has introduced a new feature for its digital assistant called Assistant with Bard. This feature uses generative AI to create new content and can be interacted with through typing, speaking, or showing a picture.

Tech Advancements: The Future of Technology in 2024 and Beyond cover

Tech Advancements: The Future of Technology in 2024 and Beyond

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Technology has become integral to our lives, making our daily tasks and activities more convenient and efficient. Each year, technology advances, introducing new and exciting gadgets that promise to revolutionize our lives. Let’s look at the top five tech advancements set to make a significant impact.

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AI Changing Development and Microsoft Build 2023

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Microsoft Build 2023 is a developer conference focusing on the latest code and app development innovations to help empower developers worldwide. It recently took place on May 23-25, 2023. I attended several sessions online each day. The conference included different sessions that covered various topics, including generative AI. Microsoft’s AI efforts, specifically Bing Chat, have… Read More »AI Changing Development and Microsoft Build 2023

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AI Prompt Writing Mini Course

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There is an application called minicourse generator, that I am trying for a new type of content creation on this website. Here is one example of a course I created using this application