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New Episode of Tech Brewed

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I’ve relaunched my podcast for 2022. I ran into a problem with a certain virus last fall that did a job on my wind pipes along with some other issues. I wasn’t able to record sustained talks for some time. Thankfully that is behind me and we are in to a new start.

I updated some info for WordPress security along with other posts I’ve done recently. Take a listen and share with your friends. Comments on the various podcast platforms are welcome as long as they are constructive.

Here are the podcast notes/transcripts. Some edits made in the recording.

Introduction:  Many people run their business, blog, or website on the popular WordPress platform. The WordPress platform is a powerful and flexible system with many benefits; however, it is also a target for hackers, meaning that it’s essential to take steps to protect your site from being hacked. This article will go over some common ways to secure your WordPress installation.

To protect your site from being hacked, there are a few things you can do. 
Many host providers offer WordPress hosting packages, however, not all of them are secure, and we recommend that you not use a host that is not known and trusted. 

Good Web hosting companies are taking extensive measures to protect WordPress users from malicious attacks that are facilitated by vulnerabilities in the platform’s codebase. One solution that has been implemented with success is limiting access to WordPress via its web interface to authenticated users only, using HTTP authentication methods such as Basic Authentication or Digest Authentication. 

Managed WordPress Hosting A managed WordPress hosting plan offers some great benefits, including automated updates, free backups, free SSL certificates, and free site audits. 
The importance of WordPress security: Why it’s essential to secure your website with a strong password and pluginsUse strong passwords and two factor authenticationSecurity updates are released frequently that will keep your site safe against emerging online threats. To update your WordPress site manually, log in to your account and go to Updates > Update Now to login to the dashboard, click on Updates and then the Update Now button under Update Status. 

WordPress does not automatically upgrade outdated plugins and themes, leaving the site open to malicious attacks. Furthermore, WordPress requires some degree of user knowledge to secure it properly. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve WordPress security by utilizing the available plugins and tweaks. One way is to install a firewall such as Wordfence Security to block vulnerabilities and keep your site safe from attackers.
WordPress Security Plugins: Why You Need ThemA team of security specialists at Sucuri recently published “The Anatomy of a WordPress Hack,” which details the most common types of attacks that take place on WordPress websites and how such security vulnerabilities can be detected and fixed. These abuses include brute force login attempts, cross-site scripting attacks, cross-site request forgery attacks, and more.
The best way to prevent such attacks is to utilize a WordPress security plugin. Such a plugin can monitor your site for any suspicious activity, which will alert you if any such suspicious activity is detected. Fortunately, you can quickly and easily protect the site and mitigate WordPress security vulnerabilities before they are exploited with the right plugins.

Some WordPress Security Plugins

Wordfence is the leading provider of Security for WordPress sites. It has been named as one of the top five security plugins for WordPress on multiple occasions. The plugin automatically updates and scans your site and can fix some technical issues with your website before hackers do. Wordfence is a great way to protect your site from any malicious attacks and make sure it stays safe and secure. 
Jetpack Security In a world where cyber security is a growing issue, there are many different methods to protect your personal information. For instance, if you have a WordPress site or app, it is important to install Jetpack. With Jetpack security, hackers will be blocked from accessing your content on your website or app. Not only does this plugin provide one of the best ways to prevent hacking on your site, but it also improves how your content displays on mobile devices. 
BulletProof Security Bulletproof Security is the one-stop site for all your WordPress security needs. WordPress security is an often overlooked part of the website creation process. If you are not already using WordPress web hosting, BulletProof Security can help you select the best web host for your business. As well as make sure that your website is fully protected with security software like anti-virus and firewall protection. 
Sucuri Security  Sucuri Security offers a variety of services that help strengthen your website’s security and protect your data from theft or destruction. 
Wordfence Premium Wordfence Premium, a leading WordPress security plugin, is designed to keep your site safe from hackers. Taking five minutes to install this plugin will put you well ahead of 95% of the WordPress users who don’t take any kind of security precautions. With automatic updates for both your plugins and Wordfence Premium, you can rest assured that your site is always running at its full potential. 

Conclusion: A summary of the article and resources you’ve providedHave you ever wondered what the best way to keep your WordPress website safe is? Well, we’ve covered some key steps, but there are many ways to do this. But, the most important thing of all is common sense. Make sure to create strong passwords, install security plugins, and make your site is frequently updated. And if you are not familiar with how to do these things, contact a web designer in the area for help! 

Bonus MaterialWebsite Terms To KnowDomain Name System (DNS) is a system that converts domain names to IP addresses, thereby mapping the Internet into a logical and readable form. DNS is one of the few protocols that can be located in both client and server versions, which is why it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy Internet.
Email Auto-ResponderAn email autoresponder is a program that automatically replies to any email on your behalf. It typically consists of a series of pre-written messages, and replies can be customized and sent depending on who sends the email. Email autoresponders are typically used as an information channel for businesses, nonprofits, and clubs.