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Things To Know Before Buying A Computer For Video Editing cover

Things To Know Before Buying A Computer For Video Editing

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When it comes to video editing, there are a few things you need to consider to find the right computer. First and foremost, you’ll want a powerful machine to handle the task at hand. But also make sure the computer has a good graphics card and enough memory so you can work on large projects without running out of space.

Cybersecurity Basics Glossary

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Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting electronic information by mitigating information risks and vulnerabilities. It involves the use of security tools, policies, and procedures to protect against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of data. Cybersecurity is important for businesses, governments, and individuals to protect their electronic information from cyber threats.

Tech News Highlights Google Bounty

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Tech News Stories Security: Google to pay up to $91,337 for exploits of new Linux and Kubernetes bugs Listen to the Tech Brewed podcast for this story and more. Google raises rewards for its kCTF exploit-focussed vulnerability bounty focussing on Linux kernel zero-day flaws. And changes some rules. Google will pay between $20,000 and $91,337… Read More »Tech News Highlights Google Bounty

How To Become Bit Literate

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It is no secret that we live in a busy and online world. With social media, texting, and emailing, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the information coming through. How do we stay on top of everything?