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Canva Visual Worksuite Wows

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Canva Create 2022 Major Updates Introducing Canva Visual Worksuite

I have written about Canva and now have some big news to report. Canva recently held an online event where they announced significant changes and some more to come. Canva is calling its new platform design and offerings the Canva Visual Worksuite. These changes are the biggest ones made in the past ten years for Canva. In addition, Canva has said they are moving from a graphic design tool to an end-to-end visual suite of tools.

The new feature that is in beta and currently has a signup list is Docs. Here is how Canva describes it. “With Canva Docs, there’s a new way to create engaging, visual documents. Whether designing a strategy with your team or writing an assignment, supercharge your content with text, visuals, and data visualization. Bring the power of design to your documents.

Next up are Websites

Canva says you can create a one-page website for anything. It will be a remarkable landing page tool, also. Canva says you can create beautiful, responsive websites with ease. No coding is required. Just drag and drop and, of course, your written text, images, and other files.

Whiteboards are available and have been improved to allow infinite space for collaboration. Canva has made it easier for teams to brainstorm and plan their projects.

If video creation has been difficult for you, then Canva continues to make it easier for most. Canva’s video editor continues to improve and is intuitive to use. Creating professional-looking videos without the cost of professional editing software is available with Canva video. Upload your video or choose from Canva’s free video and audio tracks. You have more choices and usage rights with a paid Canva plan. If you want to add animations to your video, use the built-in tools with Canva video.

Do you need to print marketing materials or make gifts? Canva’s improved print services allow you to design and print t-shirts, mugs, posters, photo books, and baby outfits. You create the design, and Canva prints and delivers it to your door.

With more people working from home or in hybrid work situations, creating presentations is a skill most have had to learn or improve on. Canva lets you make your presentations with great templates or make them blank, which will look cinematic and keep your audience’s attention. The templates are easy to modify and the time saved is significant.

Besides free and paid plans for individuals, Canva has options for teams, education, and nonprofits. Educators and nonprofit group members get free options, but some restrictions exist. Check the Canva website pricing and plans for current pricing and qualifications for free plans.

The Canva website has help sections for learning the Canva tools and even has a free design school online. If you like a challenge and staying up to date with Canva, visit their blog often. The design spotlight section will give examples of designs from many industries and departments. There are lots of use case examples to review and inspire you.

Positive woman doing linearity and first sketches in office
Positive woman doing linearity and first sketches in office

Here are just a few tasks you can do in Canva

-The user can upload images and videos from their computer, Instagram, and Google

-The user can edit the image in a variety of ways, such as changing the size, adding text, and changing the color

-The user can upload a logo to insert it into the design and make it their own

-The user can download the final product in multiple standard file formats

-The user can share their design online or print it out

Canva Visual Suite is a must-have for anyone looking to design custom templates.

It’s easy to use, and the interface makes it easy to access all of the features you need without combing through a confusing maze of commands. I am grateful that there are so many design options available with this suite, so there is something for everyone.

Explore the website and start creating.