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Amazing Technology Tips For Everyone

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8 Amazing Technology Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Photographer: Marvin Meyer | Source: Unsplash

Technology is everywhere and can make our lives easier, more fun, and more productive. But do you know how to use it to its full potential? In this blog post, I will share some fantastic technology hacks that will blow your mind and help you get the most out of your devices. Whether you want to charge your phone faster, recycle your old gadgets, or turn your e-books into audiobooks, there is a hack for you. Let's get started!

1. Double up the charging speed of your smartphone

If you are tired of waiting hours for your smartphone to charge, here is a simple trick to speed up the process. You only need to put your phone on airplane mode while charging. This will disable all the wireless connections and background apps that drain your battery and slow the charging.

2. Get a recycle bin on your Android device

Have you ever deleted something important from your Android device by mistake? Don't worry; there is a way to recover it. Just download an app called Dumpster from Google Play Store. This app works like a recycle bin on your computer, where you can restore any deleted files, photos, videos, or apps with a few taps. You can also set up automatic backups and cloud storage for extra security. Over 50Million downloads

3. Use emoji on desktops

Emojis are not just for texting on your phone. You can also use them on any website or document on your desktop computer. To access them, press Windows +. (period) if you have Windows 10 or Command + Control + Space if you have a Mac. A pop-up window will appear with hundreds of emoji you can choose from and insert anywhere.

4. Find the cheapest place to stream a movie

If you love watching movies online but don't want to pay too much for subscription services or rentals, here is a hack. Just visit and type the name of the movie you want to watch. The website will show you all the platforms where it is available and compare their prices and quality options. You can also filter by genre, year, rating, and more.

5. Turn e-books into audiobooks

Photographer: Austin Distel | Source: Unsplash

Do you enjoy reading e-books but sometimes wish you could listen to them instead? Well, now you can! Several apps can turn any e-book into an audiobook using text-to-speech technology. For example, Voice Dream Reader lets you choose from different voices and languages and adjust the speed and pitch of the narration. You can also sync it with Dropbox or iCloud and access your e-books across devices. iOS and Mac

6. Hack to save chords from damages

If you have ever experienced frayed or broken chords for your headphones or chargers, here is a simple hack that can prevent that from happening again. All you need is some old pens with springs inside them. Just take out the springs and wrap them around each end of the chord. This will create extra support and flexibility for the chord and protect it from bending or tearing.

7. Check if someone is spying on your phone

Did you know that hackers can use malware or spyware to access your phone's camera or microphone without your knowledge? This can compromise your privacy and security. To check if someone is spying on your phone, look for these signs: unusual battery drain, increased data usage, strange noises during calls, pop-up ads, or messages [^9^. If any of these happen frequently], scan your phone with an antivirus app or factory reset it.

8. Recycle old gadgets for cash

If you have old gadgets collecting dust, such as phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, etc., don't throw them away! You can recycle them for cash or gift cards at websites such as,,, etc. These websites will evaluate the condition of your gadget, offer you a price, and send you prepaid shipping labels. Once they receive your device, they will pay you via PayPal, check, or gift card.

These are some of the fantastic technology hacks that everyone should know. I hope they were valuable and exciting for you.